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Establishment of the "Zuken SOZO Center" in Silicon Valley, North America, as a New Research and Development Base
Positioned as a global headquarters for EDA product development
(Sep 26, 2013)
Establishment of the
Zuken, on this occasion, has established the "Zuken SOZO Center" (picture on right) as a new base in Silicon Valley, North America, as part of its effort to strengthen global research and development. Positioned as a product planning and research base for EDA-related software, Zuken plans to positively strengthen this organizational structure moving forward.

In relation to the EDA products of Zuken, the needs of all customers throughout the world, including Japan, have been accumulated in the Japan research division, and feature development is being progressed in cooperation with the research divisions in the U.K and Germany. However, due to the fact that cutting-edge companies in electronic device development, in fields such as vital communication technology and semiconductor technology, tend to be concentrated in the United States, particularly the West Coast areas such as Silicon Valley, this center will become a core base for creative activities that can respond swiftly and considerately to the demands of its customers.



Humair Mandavia (picture on the right) has been newly appointed as the Center Chief and Executive Director. The newly established "Zuken SOZO CENTER" will not only allow further strengthening of the relationship with globally influential North American customers and global customers designing cutting devices with research bases in the same area, but also has an eye for collaboration with technical partners in fields such as analysis technology, and through cooperation with the Japanese and European development bases, will play the role of guiding EDA product planning and development. By strengthening its research structure around this new base, Zuken will be able to improve the functionality of EDA products, raise their profile in the North American market and promote sales activities aimed at customers worldwide who required designed systems for electronic devices using cutting edge technology. Humair.jpg


An opening ceremony was conducted locally at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clare, near the "Zuken SOZO Center" on September 23, 2013. After a press conference with the mainstream media, a cocktail party was held to which approximately 50 people from customers and Silicon Valley-based partner companies were invited, and Representative Director and Vice president Jinya Katsube and Senior Managing Director Kazuhiro Kariya, who has total responsibility for development including the "Zuken SOZO Center" attended from Japan. From the customer side, a speech was given by Dr. Aart de Geus, Chairman of Synopsys Inc. The party was such a success that the allotted time was exceeded, and this was a truly auspicious start to the new base in Silicon Valley. katsube.jpg

* Representative Director and Vice president Jinya Katsube greeting participants at the opening ceremony.

op_ceremony.jpg* Image of the opening ceremony hall

Zuken is planning to invest between 3 and 5 billion yen over the next 3 years for organization reinforcements, tie-ups and M&A in relation to this base.

Details on the role and future activity plan for the "Zuken SOZO Center" are planned to be introduced at the Zuken private exhibition "Zuken Innovation World 2013," which will be held on October 10 and 11 (lecture No.2A1 on October 11 ). See the following website to confirm the content of "Zuken Innovation World 2013" and to register. The application keyword is "soz2013."



Zuken SOZO Center
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