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Zuken Establishes Joint Venture Company with German Company CONTACT Software
Strengthen development of E3.series data management system
(Nov 1, 2013)

YOKOHAMA, Japan - Zuken Inc. (hereafter "Zuken") has, on this occasion, established a joint venture company in Bremen, Germany with German company CONTACT Software, which has a strong specialty and track record in the design data process management field. The new company, Zuken Contact GmbH & Co. KG, will undertake the functional enhancement and development of the Zuken "E3.series" data management system, which has a deployment track record of more than 25,000 licenses worldwide.

The systems of industrial machinery, mechatronics products and transportation equipment, which are the subject of "E3.series" design, have, as a result of recent advancements in electrical components, become increasingly more sophisticated and complex, thus raising the level of difficulty of the design. Further, as design and manufacturing is conducted through an optimized supply chain compatible with market globalization, there is a pressing necessity for each company to construct an environment in which design and manufacturing can be executed in a smooth and efficient manner, and the need for design management that can realize this collaborative design environment is increasing. "E3.series" is software that, through its integrated database, can secure consistency among the various types of drawings and has an automatic checking feature, and is thus ideal for team design. Through the further enhancement of design data management features as a result of its cooperation with CONTACT Software, it will not only exhibit superiority as a point tool, but will also be extremely effective in the product life cycle management area.

Michael Murgai of CONTACT Software and Wolfgang Heinrichs of Zuken GmbH (Germany) have been appointed as the Managing Directors of the new company.

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