Seamless Optimization of PCB Design Processes

The superiority of CR-5000 Board Designer does not just lie in its wealth of routing and art work functions. It shows its true worth in tight coordination with the processes that come before and after board design, such as the initial process of circuit design, and the compilation of manufacturing data.

Intimate coordination with circuit diagram data not only allows designation of components and transfer of attributes from the circuit diagram side, but, for example, also receiving information from the circuit diagram data for multiple destinations and designing them on one circuit board (option), as well as back and forward annotation between circuit and board design.
In board design, design reuse is an important design method which increases design efficiency while ensuring reliability through the use of designs with a proven record. CR-5000's integrated design environment allows the realization of efficient design reuse while maintaining the consistency of circuit and board design.
(Picture) Selection from the circuit diagram is reflected in the circuit board.

Also, with Board Designer, it is easy to use gerber data frequently used in transactions between manufacturers and to reuse existing design assets as Board Designer data (option). Gerber data can be easily compiled as Board Designer data by using special commands without time consuming editing operations.
(Picture) Incorporation of gerber data and conversion of stream data to areal data

Board Producer, an option that comes with Board Designer, avoids reworking in the circuit board manufacturing process through the compilation and output of high quality board production data. Board Designer is a board design tool which has been designed to reliably output high quality manufacturing data to the manufacturing process.
(Picture) Panelize function