Utilities to Support Design Environment

CR-5000 is designed to optimize quality, cost and time in circuit board design by providing a design environment which integrates the design process from circuit design to production design. Therefore, preparing the management environment for the shared libraries and data files for all the design cycles of board design is a major element in the operation of CR-5000. CR-5000 Board Designer has utilities for the efficient construction and maintenance of libraries and CAD files.

●Integrated management function of component libraries

Many functions are provided such as the Component Manager which allows one-stop registration of component logic attributes, pin layout, gate data, shape data, circuit diagram symbols etc, the Library Searcher which allows customization of search conditions, more efficient component drafting through shape generation by the parametric method, library comparison, copy and multiple delete functions which allow efficient utilization of the libraries at multiple locations, and other functions.

(Picture) Library Searcher and Library Viewer

●CAD File Manager

This is a dedicated file manager for System Designer, CR-8000 Design Gateway and Board Designer. It allows view switching between circuit diagrams, boards and panels in accordance with the design phase, setting of circuit diagrams and circuit boards from different directories for each version number, coordinating parent boards and child boards during shared design, and linking for production panels and child boards.
(Picture) Tree view display and CAD File Manager