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Trade Name
Zuken Inc.
December 17, 1976
Head Office Location
2-25-1, Edahigashi Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, 224-8585 Japan
Paid-in Capital
Number of Employees
407 (Consolidated: 1,267) (as of the end of March 2018)
Stock Listing
Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section
Business Performance
March 2018 (Units: Millions of yen)
Consolidates Sales: 23,582 (Ordinary Income: 2,114 )
Non-Consolidated Sales: 9,977 (Ordinary Income: 1,562 )
Business Contents
Research and development of a wide variety of software solutions which support the optimization of product design and engineering operations for manufacturing industries, and marketing of the software solutions with expert consulting services
Zuken's Business Field

Directors and Auditors

  • Makoto Kaneko, President and Representative Director
  • Jinya Katsube, COO and Representative Director
  • Kazuhiro Kariya, Managing Director
  • Yoshikazu Soma, Managing Director
  • Takeo Osawa, Director
  • Koichi Saotome, Director
  • Takashi Sano, Director (*)
  • Yoichi Arai, Director (*)
  • Fusao Wada, Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member
  • Yasushi Ozaki, Audit & Supervisory Board Member (*)
  • Takashi Handa, Audit & Supervisory Board Member (*)

    (*) : outside directors and outside audit & supervisory board members.


Zuken Singapore Pte. Ltd.
152 Beach Road #22-05, Gateway East,
Tel: +65-6392-5855