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Superior products that enrich people's lives are being produced all over the world.
The amazing user experience generated by superior products is spreading to create a new sense of values throughout the world.

Through a variety of IT technologies and services, Zuken provides to customers a "power to create" their new products of value originated from their new ideas and technology seeds as speedily as possible.

The student team "Forze" from the Delft University of Technology in Holland has developed and built a hydrogen engine (fuel cell) racing kart and it takes part in races at many different venues.
Zuken supports "Forze"'s efforts through the provision of electrical and electronic-control designing softwares.
Photos provided by the Delft University of Technology.
Delft University of Technology.
Electronics Design Automation (EDA)

Electronics Design Automation

"Smaller," "Lighter," "Higher Energy Efficiency," "Higher Functionality"
Electronics technology is essential for the development of a large variety of products all over the world, and we believe that its importance will continue to grow in the future.
Since its foundation in 1976 Zuken has always provided the latest technology in its software products for electronic design automation. Together with the remarkable advances in electronics technology, designing electronics products has become ever more difficult. Even the products that we use every day around us commonly require high precision wiring layouts in microns to permit electrical signals at speeds in gigahertz. Born in Japan and honed by the most strict quality requirements of our customers, Zuken's electronics design solutions are now employed widely by the world's high technology firms that continue to meet the challenges posed by complex design issues.

Automotive and Machinery Design Solutions

Automotive and Machinery Design Solutions

In recent years, automobiles and other transportation machines have begun to provide increasingly advanced functions complexly linking software, electronics, and mechanical elements. The development of these products has required increasingly advanced design environments in order to carry out design processes from a higher level perspective. Zuken has been providing design environments centered on wire harness design solutions to the world's leading automotive suppliers, and will continue to develop and provide the most advanced automotive design solutions. For this purpose, Zuken has built a global development structure through links with development centers in Germany which, along with Japan, is a leading automobile developing nation, to develop technologies to be used to perform advanced automotive design.
Along with automobiles, industrial machinery is a field in which electronics design will play the most important role in future product development. We have begun to see progress in internet technologies expanding from linking people to linking things. Industrial machinery is undergoing an epoch-making evolutionary process in step with the advance of sensing technologies and communication technologies. We will adopt a more customer-centered point of view to promote the further evolution of solutions which are only possible for Zuken, with its stock of knowledge and past accomplishments in the fields of both electronic design and mechanical design.

Enterprise PLM Solutions (PreSight)

Enterprise PLM Solutions

In the manufacturing industry, the development of new products is one of the most important mission-critical tasks and is directly related to future earnings. Such product development is not only the province of development divisions, but is carried out through the integrated linking of a wide range of functions. No matter how good a new product is, it will not bring profits to the company unless it is introduced to the market in a timely fashion and with costs kept to an appropriate level.
Zuken has been working to provide more advanced and more efficient company-wide product development and manufacturing processes, not only electronics design. Through development of a unique BOM* environment applying light weight 3D technology, we support enhancement of competitiveness of the manufacturing industry with IT solutions by allowing all personnel involved in product development to concentrate on higher added value work.

*BOM (Bill of Materials): A table which shows what components and modules a product is made up of.