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Message from Chairman and CEO

The boundaryless challenges made us a unique company.

Solutions and expertise of broader range than any others

Zukei Shori Gijutu Kenkyusho (Zuken) was founded to create the first Japanese CAD/CAM system in 1976, when Japan's software industry was first being established. Providing "software as a solution package" is now a normal business operation, but at that time it was not just an innovative business model but was almost unheard of, and thus constituted an enormous challenge. Since then we have continued to confront and come to grips with the latest technological needs of each era, while building close relations with our large number of customers, both in Japan and overseas.
Our efforts over the years have resulted in design and manufacturing solutions of greater breadth and depth, as we have grown to become a comprehensive IT solutions corporation for manufacturing unlike any other.

"The Partner for Success," as a global company

Our customer base has expanded from the electronics and precision equipment industries, who were our major customers when the company was founded, to include a wide variety of companies such as aerospce manufacturers and automotive manufacturers as well as industrial equipment makers such as machine tool manufacturers. In addition, in all kinds of industries globalization is rapidly accelerating, with respect to both markets and supply chain. In order to properly adapt to these changing circumstances we are striving even harder to maintain a global perspective, and provide overall marketing, developing and sales support.
As our corporate message, "The Partner for Success," suggests, we continually strive to be an organization which resolutely takes up the challenge of providing solutions for difficult issues, in order to be a reliable partner supporting the success of the world's manufacturing industries.

Chairman and CEO, Zuken Inc. Makoto Kaneko

Message from President and COO

Continually striving for excellence.

The identity of Zuken never changes

The identity of Zuken has not changed since the company was founded. That identity is "A company that strives for excellence." This will not change in the future, and I believe it should never change. Putting it into more concrete terms, it means firstly to be recognized by customers as "a corporation that contributes to their business success." Secondly it means having employees who appreciate the attractions and future potential of their workplace and are ready to face any challenge. And thirdly it means being a corporation that is attractive to investors, by having a sound financial base. We must continue to be unstinting in our efforts to be a company held in high regard by our customers in the manufacturing industry, our employees and our investors.

Zuken's unique IT solutions support the world's manufacturing industries

Both electrical and mechanical design solutions, together with solutions of infrastructures to provide overall optimization of designing and manufacturing processes are the mainstays of Zuken's IT solutions. Zuken is the only company in the world which develops IT solutions providing integrated management of design and manufacturing data in both the electrical and mechanical fields, by making full use of the latest 3D technology.
Because Zuken has customers all over the world, we are continually strengthening our global network which covers Japan and more than 10 countries overseas. The main centers for our software development operations are Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany, with developers who each possess their own special talents cooperating in the creation of our software. In addition, in this period we are strengthening our research and development operations in the United States, where various leading-edge technologies arise. We shall continue to pursue globalization in both the marketplace and our development centers.

President and COO, Zuken Inc. Jinya Katsube