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December1976 Zukei Shori Gijutsu Kenkyusho Inc. was established in Isogo-ku, Yokohama
June1978 Japan's first full scale CAD/CAM system "Create 2000," for the design of printed circuit boards was developed.
June1979 Circuit design package was developed.
  • Zuken's first home, the Kanagawaken Tosou Kaikan Building in Isogo. Zuken's first home, the Kanagawaken Tosou Kaikan Building in Isogo.
  • Minicomputer based Create 2000 Minicomputer based Create 2000
March1981 Head office moved to Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama.
August1981 A package for the automatic design of digital printed circuit boards was developed.
February1982 "ES-II (ESW-II)," an automatic formatting system for hand drawn circuit diagrams was developed.
July1983 Opening of the Osaka Branch (now the Kansai Branch).
November1983 ZUKEN AMERICA Inc. (now ZUKEN USA Inc.) was established in California in the United States.
February1984 "ES-II" received the Nikkei Superior Products and Services Award from Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.
March1985 The name of "Create 1000" was changed to "CR-2000."
June1985 The company's name was changed from "Zukei Shori Gijutsu Kenkyusho Inc." to "Zuken Inc."
June1985 "LD-1," a work station for designing logical circuits was developed.
June1985 "CD-300," a mechanical CAD system was developed.
June1986 "CR-2000Hi," compatible with surface mounted circuit boards was developed.
October1986 Zuken's interactive automatic wiring software received Kanagawa
Prefecture Technology Development Grand Prize.
June1987 Shares were registered with the Japan Securities Dealers Association as over-the-counter registered stock.
August1987 "Analog Workstation," an analog circuit CAE system was developed.
September1987 "Logic Workstation," a logical circuit CAE system was developed.
January1988 "CR-3000(PWS)," a printed circuit board CAE/CAD/CAM network workstation was developed.
January1988 "Flex," surface mounted circuit board compatible grid free automatic wiring software was developed.
May1988 "MWS," an engineering workstation for mechanical design was developed.
October1988 Signed a contract with IBM of the United States for OEM supply of the CR-3000 software.
  • Shin-Yokohama Building Shin-Yokohama Building
  • Corporate Logo Corporate Logo
  • Kanagawa Prefecture Technology Development Grand Prize Trophy Kanagawa Prefecture Technology Development Grand Prize Trophy
  • CR-3000(PWS) CR-3000(PWS)
January1990 "Flex 2," high density grid-less automatic wiring software was developed.
March1990 Head Office and R&D Center was completed in Midori-ku, Yokohama (now Tsuzuki-ku), and the head office was moved to this building.
January1991 Agreement signed with America's Hewlett-Packard for OEM distribution of Zuken's EDS software, and marketing of the software began under the name "CR-3000/EDS."
October1991 Registered in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as a first EDA corporation.
January1992 ZUKEN EUROPE GmbH (now ZUKEN GmbH) established in Germany.
January1992 ZUKEN KOREA Inc. established in Seoul.
May1992 Opening of the Sendai branch office.
June1992 Opening of the Nagoya branch office.
November1992 ZUKEN SINGAPORE Pte. Ltd established in Singapore.
August1993 Opening of the Beijing office in Beijing, China.
April1994 EDA vertical integration solution "CR-5000" was developed.
June1994 Zuken acquired all the shares of Racal-Redac Ltd. of the United Kingdom.
September1994 Moved up to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
November1995 "CR-5000/PWS for Windows," a printed circuit board CAD/CAM system was developed.
May1996 "ePDM DS-1," a PDM solution specially designed for the electronics industry was developed.
May1997 Zuken Process Design Kenkyusho Inc. (Now Zuken Tec Inc.) established.
February1998 In accordance with its "Open and Alliance" business strategy, Zuken moved forward with efforts to create business tie-ups with overseas firms.
June1999 Opening of "Zuken EMC Lab," the first noise measurement facility to be established by an EDA vendor.
October1999 "EMC Advisor," an EMC design verification tool was developed.
  • The CR-5000 logo, popularly known as logo with whiskers. The "CR-5000" logo, popularly known as "logo with whiskers."
    Each individual tool's logo was shown together with this.
  • Zuken EMC Lab Zuken EMC Lab
  • Head Office/Central Research Facility (on completion) Head Office/Central Research Facility (on completion)
March2000 Zuken acquired all the shares of INCASES Engineering Gmbh.
December2000 Zuken Tecnomatix Inc.was established as a joint venture with Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd.
February2001 Chip One Stop, Inc. was established as a joint venture.
April2001 "Board Modeler," a printed circuit board 3D system was developed.
April2001 Zuken Netwave Inc. established.
June2001 Opening of "elecTrade," a portal site for the electronic equipment manufacturing industry.
March2002 Started provision of a wire harness design environment for the automotive industry.
June2002 "ADM System," a full scale DFM solution was developed.
August2002 ZUKEN (SHANGHAI) TECHNICAL CENTER Co. Ltd. was established In China.
October2003 Commencement of joint operations with IBM Japan and Dassault Systemes, centering on electromechanical collaborative design.
February2004 Announcement of "ePLM DS-2," a PLM solution specially designed for the electrical and electronics industries.
April2004 "Design Gateway," a system level circuit design system was developed.
June2005 Announcement of "CR-5000/Lightning," a high speed design solution.
August2005 ZUKEN TAIWAN Inc. established in Taiwan.
April2006 Inventure Inc. established.
May2006 Zuken acquired Germany's CIM-TEAM (Now ZUKEN E3 GmbH).
July2006 "Project Conductor," a product development project management solution was developed.
September2006 Zuken formed a business alliance with America's Rio Design Automation.
October2006 "DFM Center," a production design and manufacturability verification system was developed.
May2007 CADLAB Inc.was established.
June2007 Release of "V54EE," a mechanical CAD system specially designed for the electronics industry, based on "Catia V5."
October2007 "System Planner," a system level conceptual design environment was developed.
May2008 Zuken commenced joint operations with Mamezou Co., Ltd. for the application of "Project Conductor" in the embedded software development sector.
June2008 Zuken acquired a 27% share in Elmic Wescom, Inc., and made it an associated company accounted for by the equity method.
January2009 "The Partner for Success" was adopted as Zuken's corporate slogan.
June2009 The SOC division was split up and integrated with Elmic Wescom, Inc. and at the same time Zuken received a share allotment from that company bringing Zuken's ration of voting rights to 40.4%. This made Elmic Wescom a consolidated subsidiary of Zuken based on the effective control standards.
June2009 Enterprise PLM Presight was released.
July2009 1st: The name of Elmic Wescom, Inc. was changed to Zuken Elmic Inc.
  • Zuken Center Minami Building Zuken Center Minami Building
  • Zuken Gmbh/Emc Technology Center (formerly INCASES) in Paderborn, Germany Zuken Gmbh/Emc Technology Center (formerly INCASES) in Paderborn, Germany
May2010 Zuken acquired a 14% share in Lattice Technology Co., Ltd., becoming the second biggest shareholder.
July2010 In collaboration with Ulvac, Inc., "DFM Center for Inkjet (now DFM Inkjet) a solution for the printed electronics market, was released.
June2011 Release of "visual BOM," a new generation engineering platform that merges bill of materials technology with the ultra lightweight 3D format XVL.
October2011 Worldwide release of the "CR-8000 Series," a new generation electronic device design platform, and the start of sales of the new product "Design Force" completed Zuken's system level electronics design environment.
February2012 Zuken transferred its share in Inventure Inc. to Synopsys, Inc.
May2013 Zuken Received Toyota Motor "Award of Excellence" as a "Commendation in the IT Field" for 2012
September2013 "Zuken SOZO Center" was established in Silicon Valley, North America
August2014 Global Automotive and Transportation Competence Center was established in Erlangen, Germany
December2014 Zuken and Toyo Business Engineering Concluded an Agreement on Their Capital and Business Alliance
February2015 DiverSync Corporation was established.
March2015 ZUKEN INDIA Pte. Ltd established in India.
July2015 Zuken took over YDC Corporation's CADVANCE business (CAD and PDM operations)
April2016 The PreSight division was split up as Zuken PreSight Inc.
December2017 Zuken acquired whole ownership of stock issued by Alfatech (now Zuken Alfatech) Inc., establishing it as a wholly owned subsidiary.
August2019 Acquired Vitech Corporation (Now Zuken Vitech Inc.) of USA.
  • Zuken completed its system level electronics design environment with its new product Design Force. Zuken completed its system level electronics design environment with its new product "Design Force".