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Zuken Announces ISO 26262-Compatible Electrical Design Environment
(Sep 17, 2013)
YOKOHAMA, Japan - Zuken Inc. ("Zuken") has released an electrical design solution, compatible with international standard ISO 26262(*1), which targets electronic control features for automobiles.

In automobile development recently, in which there is an increasing move towards electronic components, there has been significant attention is being placed, in particular, on securing the safety of electronic control features, and the finished car manufacturers and onboard electronic device-related suppliers are being pressed to conform with international standards in this field such as ISO 26262. Zuken, who is providing electrical design environments to a large number of finished car manufacturers and automobile-related suppliers are reinforcing its solution development in order to support the smooth and assured conformance of these corporations with ISO 26262.

As a first-stage of ISO 26262-compatible solutions, Zuken released the "CR-8000 ISO 26262 Verifier." The "CR-8000 ISO 26262 Verifier" adopted "GAIA-QEST" from Gaia System Solutions Inc. (*3), which received the certification (*2) of exida Certification S.A, who is a Swiss standards certification authority, as an engine for outputting and evaluating evidential (evidence to prove conformity with a standard) information. Electrical designers, when embarking on new designs and design changes, exchange electrical design information and compare for discrepancies using a variety of tools for creating and recording evidence. Using the "CR-8000 ISO 26262 Verifier," the evidence required for ISO 26262 Part 5 can be created and recorded simply and assuredly based on the latest design data created in the "CR-8000 Design Gateway." Further, with the "CR-8000 Design Gateway" destination management module, standards compliance can be efficiently executed for products with different specifications based on their destination.

Moving forward, Zuken plans to gradually release a variety of ISO 26262-compatible solutions that works with its products such as "CR-8000" cutting-edge electrical design environment and "PLM for Electronics DS-2."

Zuken plans to introduce the details of the "CR-8000 ISO 26262 Verifier" at "Zuken Innovation World 2013," which is a Zuken private exhibition, to be held on October 10 and 11 (lecture No.2D4 on October 11).
See the following website to confirm the content of "Zuken Innovation World 2013" and to register.

- About "CR-8000 ISO 26262 Verifier"
■Planned sales start: December 2013
■Product configuration and planned price:
"CR-8000 ISO 26262 Verifier" - 2.2 million yen
"GAIA-QEST for Zuken" - 1.8 million yen
(Floating license. "CR-8000 Design Gateway" is required separately)

*1: Functional safety standards related to automobile electronic control systems
*2: Acquired certification of TCL 2/ASIL D in July 2012
*3: Established in 1996, they are involved in the development of embedded systems from upstream to downstream and verification method, in the vehicle onboard and image processing device fields.
URL: http://www.gaiaweb.co.jp


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