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Zuken to Positively Promote Sales of Analysis Solution of ANSYS Inc.
Strengthening of linkage with ANSYS Inc. and collaboration in sales of their analysis tools
(Sep 30, 2013)
YOKOHAMA, Japan - Zuken Inc. ("Zuken") has strengthened its collaborative effort with the analysis solution of ANSYS Inc. for electrical, thermal fluid, structures analysis (various analysis tools), and promote sales of solutions of ANSYS Inc.

With its CR-5000/8000 product, Zuken is promoting a stronger collaboration with ANSYS Inc on the diverse analysis tools. Firstly, as part of this, Zuken is promoting a linkage between the CR-8000 Design Force and ANSYS SIwave PI Advisor, which is an analysis tool made by ANSYS Inc., and has developed modules that support some features including automatic optimization of bypass condensers.

In "CR-8000 Design Force 2013" released in January 2013, a feature that performs analysis by passing the necessary information from a multi-board system level design environment to the ANSYS Inc. analysis environment tool has already been provided, but on this occasion, will realized a feature to directly reflect the component information selected/optimized/modified in the ANSYS analysis tool side on CR-8000 Design Force, and thus seamlessly provide design modification information to mass production circuit board design and manufacturing based on the analysis results.

This new module will be available from the "CR-8000 Design Force 2014" due to be released in January 2014.

Zuken has, until this point, been active, as a software partner of "ANSYS Partnerships" and mainly cooperated on the technical side in terms of interface development. From now, it will positively promote sales of analysis solutions of ANSYS Inc.

Technical lectures and exhibitions explaining the content of the collaboration related to this matter in each field (electrical, thermal fluid, structural analysis) are due to be held at the "Zuken Innovation World 2013" private exhibition at Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu on October 10 and 11.
(The related lectures are the lectures No.1C3, 1C4 and 1C5 on October 10.) See the following website to confirm the content of "Zuken Innovation World 2013" and to register. The application keyword is "zpt2013."


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