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Event Report - PCB SI Signal Integrity Seminar Malaysia


Introduction of basic signal integrity for high speed electronic design, this seminar is a collaborated event with SHRC, its objective is to convey basic signal integrity understanding for electrical engineers and PCB layout designers
30th Oct 2014 at SHRDC, Shah Alam Malaysia

Featured Topics
  • Signal Integrity Basic Principle

    As electronic design nowadays become complicated and operating speed become faster, it is necessary for engineers and PCB layout designer to understanding basic principle and critical factors such impedance mismatch and topology that affect signal integrity.

  • EDA Tools for Signal Integrity

    It shows the prerequisite knowledge before the usage of signal integrity tool and features of a simulation tool that assist engineers to verify and evaluate signal integrity issues, thus make correct decision before the Printed Circuit Board fabrication, therefore eliminate unnecessary iteration of design process.

  • Signal Integrity Case Study

    An actual case study presented by Ultimate Technologies Asia Sdn. Bhd on the flow and usage of SI simulation tool in high speed design. It shows how a SI simulation tool integrated into the design process, signal integrity results could be verified and resolved even before the prototype and mass production.