Integrated Design Suite for Circuits and Boards

Reliability with a proven track record
Since its release in 1994, the CR-5000 series, the integrated design environment for circuits and boards, has been adopted worldwide by over 3,000 companies that require high quality and high performance printed circuit board design and manufacture. From consumer electronics, with its high pace of technological innovation and constant need for the implementation of the latest electronic technology, to medical equipment such as pacemakers which demand miniaturization and high reliability, and the automobile and aerospace industries with their extreme robust design need, the CR-5000 is being utilized as the core system for electronic design.

Wide range of peripheral tools and options
Through working with many of the companies which have adopted CR-5000, it has evolved to meet the great variety of needs of printed circuit board design. Its wide range of peripheral tools and options allows users to construct design environments to meet their own needs, in a scalable fashion.

Ever evolving, seamless interfacing with CR-8000
It can be operated seamlessly with the tools of the system level design environment CR-8000 series, allowing users to raise the level of their design environment, without the burden of a system migration.