State-of-the-art Design and Verification Platform with a System Perspective

In the development of electronic products, which are becoming more and more advanced and complex, there is increasing need to pursue optimized design, analyzing and verifying the multiple objects such as LSIs, packages and multiple circuit boards, that make up products and modules, not as individual objects but as an overall system. CR-8000 is Zuken's proposed next generation electronic design platform for verification and design from conceptual design to circuit and board detailed design as a system.  

In addition, CR-8000 is an open architecture design environment highly compatible with external and existing systems. Users can introduce the advanced functions of CR-8000 smoothly, while still making use of their existing design assets and environment. And, taking full advantage of the potential of CR-8000's unique system design and 3D graphics, they can construct a high level analysis and design platform, through combination with external analysis environments.