PCB Design System for Manufacturing

A New Universal Platform for Manufacturing Design

Through its CAM output functions to a variety of manufacturing devices and test devices, and its many automatic functions improving the efficiency of panel design and manufacturing design incorporating the latest board technologies, DFM Center provides an optimum DFM/DFT environment. It is compatible not only with Zuken formats, but also with most standard industry formats.

Specialized functions compatible with most manufacturing design processes and universal concepts

DFM Center is a next generation manufacturing design environment fully equipped with specialized functions for working with all regions of rigid, package and FPC boards. With its full range of artwork functions indispensable for manufacturing design, highly specialized check functions for all areas, and tight integration with board design systems, it provides more efficient manufacturing design.
(Reference picture: Working towards Increased Specialization and Specialized Use)

Manufacturing design processes are largely different for each type of board, and the functions required are evolving together with technology. In accordance with such facts, DFM Center offers a wide range of powerful functions, from data import to data cleanup, all necessary editing functions, check functions for different board technologies, as well as tool design, diagram drafting and data output in formats for use with a variety of manufacturing devices.
(Reference picture : Offering Solutions for Both Manufacturing Design and Verification)