A High Performance Viewer Which Allows More Efficient Drawing Checking and Verification.

"Board Viewer Advance is the premier version of Board Viewer, which is a free drawing check and verification viewer able to handle circuit board design data created by CR-5000/Board Designer, CR-8000/Design Force, and DFM Center.(See here for more information on the free Board Viewer.)
Board Viewer Advance can not only look at design data, but by working with the various CR-8000 and CR-5000 check utilities it can also display the results, allowing efficient and sophisticated drawing checking and verification, without a CAD environment.
A wide range of functions
[Display functions] Low light, transparent display, reverse side view, net pattern, color map display
[Data reference functions] Object selection/search Selected focus transfer Selection preview Selected net all-layer highlight Data attribute reference Routing length measurement Differential extraction /display Ruler
[Cross probing/tool linking] Communication with Design Gateway and System Designer One-click communication Analysis/Checker results display
[Ease of use] Designed with the emphasis on ease of use
[Comment sharing] Annotations