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All-in-One PCB Design Desktop

Cadstar is a powerful PCB design solution of price-performance that allows an intuitive work flow, guiding designers easily through their design process. It incorporates all the technologies necessary for a complete electronic development process in a single environment.
The full range of solution includes schematics; board and FPGA-level system, PCB layout, high-speed and signal integrity, EMC analysis. , 3D collision analysis and creation of manufacturing output. In addition, Cadstar is optimized for the verification of PCB layouts in 3D environment. Supporting interfaces for standard 3D design format (STEP, ACIS, STL and IDF), it provides collaborative design environment for electrical and mechanical engineers. The 3D view of the PCB in the mechanical enclosure allows engineers to check conflicts and/or required spacing before creating manufacturing output of the PCB.
It is also complemented by complete data management capabilities and extensive internet-accessible component libraries. In spite of its rich features, Cadstar is affordable and fully optimized option even for individual professional designers and for engineers of small to mid-sized design team with limited administrative resources.

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