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Concurrent Design Environment

A single board can be designed concurrently by (a maximum of) 5 people

Zuken's Concurrent PCB Design, which is a concurrent design system, allows a single board to be designed concurrently by up to 5 designers. Since the system is characteristically introduced with the aim of shortening design time and efficiently allocating human resources, great effort has been made to ensure that its operation is highly efficient. Design work can be commenced without time consuming simultaneous design preparations, and there is no need to set clear regions. Design operations can proceed without work divisions or merge operations, and constraints can be inherited. Also, because of its simple and intuitive operation and full range of functions necessary for placement and routing, there is no need to provide users with additional training when the system is introduced.

Concurrent PCB Design has received high marks from client companies that have introduced it, including comments such as "Up until now, we have spent a lot of time on the complex partitioning and merging of placement and routing regions, but that is no longer the case.," "I can use my free time to help other designers.," "Being able to look at the same data while working makes it easy to see what everyone is doing which results in better designs."