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Total Solution

Over a period of many years, Zuken has provided support for technologies related to noise reduction and better signal integrity in electronic product development. We have already provided support to over 250 customers in a variety of industries, and, backed up by this unrivaled rich experience in actual design projects, we provide SI, EMC and thermal design consulting which genuinely provides fast results, and adds to the design capabilities of the customer.

In modern electronic product development, it is essential to provide an environment in which not only analysis experts, but all designers, become familiar with the basics of analysis, and can make use of it in their daily work in a stress-free fashion. Zuken's SI, EMC and thermal consulting services provide consulting best suited to each customer, combining design support services for promptly resolving problems, the utilization of analysis and verification tools for the purpose of smoothly establishing knowledge and knowhow and applying it in the actual design projects, and training by specialists in a variety of fields.