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Electronic Diagram Drawing and Viewer System

Making possible drafting, manipulating and referring to electronic diagrams based on CAD data

XDF is a format for displaying Zuken CAD data as CAD diagram in environments without dedicated systems, with one viewer. By manipulating XDF data converted from various CAD data formats, it is easy to utilize CAD data as needed in a variety of situations, including electronic drawings and design and manufacturing instruction diagrams.

XDF advantages
- CAD data from CR-5000 Board Designer, System Designer, PWS, and CR-8000/Design Gateway can be viewed just using XDF Viewer.
- The viewer environment is not dependent on the revision number of the CAD system.
- Compared to CAD data, file sizes are small and easy to handle.
- Easy to use. No need to be accustomed to CAD operation.
- By using XDF Collaborator, objects and text can be added to XDF data converted from various CAD formats, and drawing frames added. Using it facilitates collaboration using CAD data.
- XDF conforms to XML 1.0.