A Hub Solution for the Co-Design of LSIs, Packages and Printed Circuit Boards

Facilitated design optimization through the integration of LSI design and package design

Zuken RioMagic is an EDA tool for the simultaneous optimization of LSI design and package design through the integration of LSI design tools and package design tools. It is equipped with an interface and a variety of functions for integrating SI design tools provided by major vendors, and package design tools including CD-5000/Package Synthesizer.

Moving towards codesign of LSIs, SIPs, packages and printed circuit boards

Being combined with Co-Design Manager developed by Zuken, Zuken RioMagic can expand its scope to include integration with printed circuit boards. As a result, Zuken's CR-5000 allows smooth and seamless codesign with major semiconductor design environments such as those provided by Synopsys and Cadence, using standard formats like LEF and DEF.