E3.series (for Automotive)

Zuken’s E3.series is used for documenting and detailing electrical automotive projects.

Its flexibility supports the entire design process, from definition and design, through manufacturing and maintenance. Its unique object-oriented architecture ensures that all stages are fully synchronized.
With an intelligent parts library and online design rule checks, E3.series also assists the designer by preventing errors and speeding up the overall design process.
E3.series has been chosen and successfully adopted by many large automotive manufacturers worldwide who appreciate its design process flexibility and ability to integrate with the supply chain.

[Solution Brochure]
"Electrical design and documentation for the automotive industory"
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[Case Study]
The Austrian manufacturer of vehicle Transporters, Kässbohrer Transport Technik, achieved a substantial improvement in process reliability in the generation of individualized assembly instructions and schematic documentation by implementing E3.series. Turnaround cycles for special projects were reduced by 60 to 90%.
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